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Nottingham Coins buy coin collections and coin accumulations, old banknotes, and many other collectables and collections. We regularly travel to view and buy larger coin collections. In the first instance please call us or send details and/or pictures of the coins you wish to sell and we will reply to all enquiries within two working days, no messages will be ignored! We buy all old coins and coin collections, gold sovereigns, gold guineas etc, British or Foreign coins, and modern proof and uncirculated coin sets. We also buy all pre-1947 British silver coins even if worn at between 15 x and 25 x face value, and pre-QEII old pennies, halfpennies, threepences, etc if in unused condition.

Gold Coins

Modern gold coins, and even later Victorian ones are highly valued for their metal content and usually sell for bullion value. We however pay more than bullion prices for better condition collectable gold coins such as sovereigns and guineas. Older gold coins or modern limited editions and proofs sell for more and prices depend on scarcity and condition, as with other coins. We buy all gold coins, old or new, including British and foreign.

Silver Coins

British silver coins have, since 1947, been made of copper-nickel but before this they were made of silver or part silver. Therefore coins dated before 1947 are valued more highly than later coins because of their silver content, even if a little worn. We pay between 15 x face value and 25 x face value for these. Similarly older foreign coins (dates differ by country) were also made of silver, for instance in the USA circulating coins were silver up to 1964. So don't throw out your old silver coins, check our offer first.

Copper / Bronze / Nickel Coins

These coins were always made in larger numbers than silver and therefore are generally worth little unless they are in very good condition, or are particularly old. For instance an old penny (before QEII)  could be worth next to nothing in worn condition but £5-£10 if unused. Before about 1900 copper and bronze coins begin to be more desireable and many are worth selling even if a little worn. This is partly because fewer coins were made in this era and partly because many have been worn down by use and melted!

We hope these rough guides are useful, there is far too much information to list on just one page however, so if you would like to sell your old banknotes or coin collection, or just have it valued, contact us at Nottingham Coins.

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