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Nottingham Coins buy banknotes and banknote collections, coins and coin collections and we will travel to view and buy larger banknote or coin collections. Listed below is a selection of our current stock of British banknotes.


Great Britain  
Ten Shilling Cashier Hollom B295 (31N) GVF £4
Ten Shilling Cashier Fforde B309 (13W) UNC £5
One Pound Green Cashier Peppiat B268 (T14A) EF £15
One Pound Cashier Fforde B301 (N66L) GEF £7
One Pound Cashier Page B320 (EW76) UNC £5
One Pound Cashier Page B337 UNC £3.50
One Pound Cashier Somerset B341 UNC £3
Northern Ireland  
Northern Bank 2000 Five Pound UNC £15
Ulster Bank 2006 George Best Five Pound UNC (Folder) £18
RBS One Pound 1992 European Summit P356 GVF £4
RBS One Pound 1994 Stevenson P358 UNC £5
RBS Five Pound 2005 Jack Nicklaus UNC £10
RBS Five Pound 2005 Jack Nicklaus UNC (Folder) £15
Isle of Man  
Ten Shillings Viking Longboat Red P24a 1961 No Prefix VF £15
£5 Castle Rushen (John Paul) P30b B Prefix F £15
50p Viking Longboat Blue P33a 1979 UNC £15
One Pound Tynwald Violet P34a 1979 UNC £20
One Pound Tynwald Green P38a 1979 UNC £20
One Pound Bull P48a 1980 GEF £6
Ten Shillings Padgham 1963 B Prefix F £6
One Pound Clennett 1976 (GB) UNC £15
One Pound Clennett 1976 (HB) EF £10
British Military Notes  
One Pound Second Series UNC £1.50
One Pound Third Series UNC £1.50
One Pound Fourth Series UNC £1.50
Five Pounds Second Series UNC £4
50p Sixth Series UNC £1

Postage & Packing:
All banknotes are sent with proof of posting by first class mail, however we recommend that more valuable items are sent by Special Delivery.

  UK Europe Rest of World
Normal £0.95 £1.25 £1.95
Recorded £1.95 - -
Special Delivery £6.50 £7.00 £8.00

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